Taking Great Care of Your Place

Whether it's time to pack up and head south for the winter, or you've just got a nice long trip away from the Beautiful Tahoe Basin on the horizon, the pros at Alpine Living Boutique are the trusted team Tahoe homeowners call first when they need competent people to look after their property.

Our team will begin with a complementary consultation with you to create a customized checklist of items you'd like to have triple-checked during each of our subsequent inspections. Our clients typically ask that we ensure there are no water leaks, frozen pipes, unwanted bear inhabitants, etc. Each time we conduct a scheduled inspection, you'll receive a full report detailing the results of our inspection and updated photos of your incredible home here in the Lake Tahoe area.

We'll make certain there are no pesky issues occurring at your property while you're away; no water intrusion from snow on the roof, no sign of burglar intrusion, no pest intrusion. Just your happy home in the same serene way you left it!

Reach out to us today and we'll set up the free consultation!

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