Whether you're looking to sell, purchase or lease a property our experienced, licensed team of referral agents is here to help. From effective digital advertising campaigns, to personal one-on-one meetings, you can always count on ALB's referral partners to exceed expectations.

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Space Plan/Design

With more than 25 years of experience in architectural programming, space planning and interior design, Alpine Living Boutique has rich, unique and creative concepts to help bring your dreams into reality.

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Property Care Taking

Having confidence in a trustworthy team of professionals to watch over your home while you're away is just the beginning of the experience of working with our care taking division. Full reporting of up-to-date status on projects and the state of your property comes standard with every account.

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Since 1993

Dream. Move. Live.

Words to live by. The founders of Alpine Living Boutique were once caught in the rat race of doing the things they thought they had to do on a daily basis. Once they realized they simply needed to make their DREAMs a reality, they set out to achieve them and ultimately relocated to beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Now, this team takes pride in helping others to achieve their dreams by working through the strategies necessary to enable them to MOVE into an ideal scene and assisting with putting those plans in motion.

Services at ALB include putting you in touch with agents who can help you sell your existing house, purchase, space plan and design your new home, assist you in relocation and establishing services such as landscaping, snow removal and estate management so that you can truly begin to LIVE.

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